10 Reasons to Think Dog People Are Better Than Others (And Weirder, Too)

According to a recent study based on a panel of 1,000 Americans, people who prefer dogs are better humans. Do you still doubt it? Here is the proof in 10 points!

  1. They are more generous

Financially speaking, 97% of dog owners are more likely to put in the effort to please their dog. Thus, most do not skimp on toys and some even consider moving to be closer to a park, for example. When you know that 93% of them are impatient to see their dog when they get home, it seems obvious that they like to please them.

  1. They are more patient

Half of dog owners report being more patient since having a dog. When you’ve already waited an hour outside in the middle of a storm for your dog to pee, you understand why.

  1. They are sportier

When you have a dog, you have to go out and even play sports. Thus, 83% of people questioned said they had become more active thanks to their dog. And above all, they always adapt their sports session according to the needs of their dog. Check here the best information about dog paw print kit at familypooch.com

  1. They are more balanced

People with dogs are fortunate to have a psychotherapist available 24 hours a day. What could be better than telling your dog your misfortunes? At least he listens to us… The proof, 85% of dog owners appreciated the presence of their animal in difficult times and 83% consider it their best friend.

  1. They are more loyal

When it comes to their dog, people are examples of loyalty. Indeed, 1/4 of them still insist on bringing their animal to events. And 20% have even organized birthday parties for their dog.

  1. They are more social

It’s always easier to meet people when you have a dog. Indeed, the dog is the ideal way to initiate the conversation. Thus, 30% of people with dogs have become more sociable thanks to their dog.

  1. They are more liberated

When we learn that 43% of dog owners let their pet follow them into the bathroom and 33% into the toilet, we think that people with dogs are much less modest than others. All furry!

  1. They are less selfish

People with dogs have a sense of sacrifice, to say the least. The proof, 1/3 of those who share their bed with their dog prefer to have a bad night because of the snoring of their hairball or its ability to spread out so as not to wake it up.

Similarly, 90% of owners would sacrifice almost everything for a month if it could make their beloved pooch happy: alcohol (57%), Netflix (49%), coffee (42%), intimate relationships (30%), and even take a shower (13%).

  1. They are happier

Dogs are always in a good mood, and that makes us happy. The proof, 71% of people questioned admit to being happier since the arrival of their dog. 1/4 of them even specify that waking up in the morning is less difficult when you have a dog.

People love their dog so much that 71% of them would rather spend an hour with their dog than with the President of the United States. Even better, 50% would rather spend time with their dog than with their significant other.

  1. They are more responsible

Adopting a dog is like adopting a child. It involves making a long-term commitment and having responsibility for someone other than yourself. Half of dog owners report being more responsible since owning a dog. And for good reason, you have to not only feed it, but also take care of it, brush it, dress it when it’s cold, play with it, exercise it, take care that it doesn’t get hurt. Not bad… In short, it’s a job!