3 tips on how to use flower arrangements for your listings

We tell you how to make your properties for sale stand out using discreet (but effective) flower arrangements.

If there is something that gives life to a space, it is a flower arrangement. However, these beauties not only improve the appearance of the place, but also help reduce anxiety, improve memory and positively modify the mood of people who visit the place. This means that the right flower arrangement will be able to get your potential buyer in the right frame of mind to make an interesting purchase offer .

Flower arrangements are a little used tool within the real estate environment, even though they have the ability to add special meaning that can generate an emotional connection between the buy property and the house. That is why we recommend that during visits by potential clients you pay special attention to the choice of flowers and plants that decorate the property, since it is an important aspect that can influence the sale of the place (or not).

We leave you some recommendations that will help you get the best floral staging for your listings:

1. Create a welcoming feeling

Is there anything better than entering a house that has a fresh aroma? Vegetation and flowers will accomplish this and at the same time make your potential buyers feel at home. Through your arrangements you will be saying: “Go ahead!”. Dahlias, sunflowers, berries, and greenery say “hello!” and maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

On the other hand, smell is the most powerful of the senses, since it makes us keep emotions in our memory, a quality that will help you create aromatic memories that, without a doubt, will make the property remain and stand out in the mind of your potential buyer. .

2. Don’t overload the space

The floral decorations should be discreet and simple to complement the space. capital smart city Islamabad should be the main point of attention and the flowers a complement. When you are deciding how to decorate a property check out portfolios of professional interior designers. What will you notice? In the best portfolios, the subtle touches of vegetation and flowers are what stand out the most.

Using too many flower arrangements can overwhelm the space and distract people from what is really important: the property.

3.Be original

Simply using basic colors can make the property look boring and the last thing you want is for it to feel like a generic property, so choose plants that highlight the home’s personality. You can achieve this by using colorful and complementary arrangements throughout the property.

Finally, you can also take advantage of the fact that flower options can become a talking point. Many flowers and plants have a meaning behind them, for example, it is said that while some plants attract good fortune, others help you improve your love life. Starting a conversation from entertaining topics like these is a great way to start a relationship .