8 truths about friendship

8 truths about friendship

Do you know who your true friends are, and how to recognize them among the crowd?

A recent study has shown that, for the most part, we lack perspective to understand who our true friends really are. With the increasing waves of “followers”, “being friends” or “connecting” same “bff covers” via social media, it seems that our ability to understand the strengths of our real relationships has rusted a bit.

In light of this study, and faced with the time available to allow us to create deep and real relationships, we can highlight the following ten truths.

Friendship is one of the most necessary and united relationships that can be established because, while family relationships are generally non-negotiable, friendship is a voluntary institution.

2) The voluntary nature of friendship, and mutual engagement in the relationship, are the hallmarks of any friendly relationship. As long as two people don’t see their relationship as friendship, it just doesn’t exist.

3). Our culture always counts on “the more there is the better”. But the true measure of our relationships could go through a simple question: how many of your friends or followers on social networks would be willing to pay you for the taxi or offer you a place to sleep if you needed to? It is a type of engagement in a relationship that real friendship justifies, and that true friends provide.

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5).is it a problem to go through life thinking that you have more friends than in reality? It depends on your expectations. If you don’t expect a lot from a friend, it probably doesn’t hurt to assume that everyone loves you as much as you love them. Following the old adage that we should treat others as we would like them to treat us is rather a good idea.

6) Treating everyone as if they were a good friend can make your life easier. Being nice, doing favors and helping others can really make you feel better about yourself and your life. So why deprive yourself of it?

7) Friendship can provide a lifelong bond, and become an unparalleled source of mutual support, both emotional and instrumental; but it is important to recognize that an unmaintained friendship can quickly become synonymous with ended friendship.

8) An authentic friendship needs more than a message on social networks to stay alive and deep, even if it cannot be denied that these are places conducive to the initiation of new friendships. Shared interests and closeness (real or virtual) are the fastest ways to make friends, and if this two-life crossover can start online, it can also develop in real life over time.

Do you know these people who constantly belittle you? The very ones who discourage you from reaching your goals and dreams? Or those who think you are joking, and who say to you “ It is impossible! ”When you talk about your plans for the future?

Those who even sabotage you when you try to cultivate a new habit, or get yourself out of a bad one? Or who are preventing you from reaching your highest potential?