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Everyone if not often faces a problem of plumbing in their houses or in their offices, buildings, etc. This happens because everything materialistic tends to tether away one day and to make it workable again we either have to replace it or repair it. Here we talk about the plumbing problems as we know that water runs through them and sooner or later waters tend to destroy or make the things rusty which ultimately needs cleaning or replacement. This happens sooner or later to everything made of either steel or plastic. To avoid this contact us once a year at least for inspection, if you are already living in the house or if you have bought a new house or shifting to the new house then surely contact us for inspection before you enter into your dream house because if something is wrong with the plumbing of the house then we’ll fix that up for you so that you don’t have to face any trouble. We at M & R Plumbing are very best at what we do. We cover areas that include Durango, Bayfield, Ignacio, Mancos or Cortez, and La Plata County region. Everyone in our staff is professional and has decades of experience under there belt. You can’t throw anything towards them regarding plumbing and they don’t give you a solution, this is just impossible. Our company M & R Plumbing Services are reputable and well known. We have licensed to work and we are insured also so when you ask for us don’t hesitate at all because what we do, we own it and take full responsibility for it.

Team of Professionals

We at M & R Plumbing works 6 days a week including Saturdays and our plus side is that our emergency services are active 24/7 i.e. whenever you face a problem just call our team of professionals who are always equipped with the best gadgets and the best tools to solve every kind of your problems will be at your doorstep within minutes. Our work is based on the following 2 rules i.e. replacement and repairing. We have gadgets that show us the insides of a pipe through video and by that we assess the situation that what is actually going on here and what are we dealing with here. After that, we make a detailed report regarding the problem, its solutions, and its cost. And after doing this we show it to our client and gives him our advice if he asks for and the rest is up to him if he gives us a green signal then rest assured that whatever the means we have to take we will take in eradicating this sort of problem. For Example, we use either traditional methods if we see that the problem is easy to solve but if not then we use heavy machinery i.e. powerful hydro-jet which will solve all kinds of problems. All this is chosen after inspection and after the client’s consent.

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