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If any of the glass of your vehicle (windscreen, rare screen, and side windows) gets cracks or chips due to accident, worse weather conditions, roadside debris and theft attempts and you want to fix it as soon as possible. Grand Junction can provide you will the best and ultimate services. Get a quote for repairing or replacement. We are available 24/7 and we will guide you towards the best solutions.

Get a quote for repairing or replacement. We are available 24/7 and we will guide you towards the best solutions. 

Why choose us?

For Grand Junction, individuals’ safety is the top priority and we do not compromise on it. There are some reasons behind trusting us:

Our trained workers will provide you with the best repairing or replacement services. Firstly, there will visual inspection and after inspection, it will be decided that either repairing is enough or replacement is the only option.

We offer you the minimal cost with greater services and considering the conversation, we will repair or replace the glass there and then.

We will be in touch with the insurance department to confirm the damage repairs at a reasonable price.


Before getting a quote, you have to tell us about the damage, your vehicle year, mark and model so that there is no difficulty for us to provide a suitable solution to your problems.



What should I prefer, repairing or replacement?


There are two ways to fix cracks and chips. One is repairing and other is replacement with the newer one. Repairing is only possible if the damage is in limits (according to NWRA). National Windscreen Repair Association suggests that if the size of the crack is up to 14 inches, the windscreen is repairable and for chips, the limit is 3 inches. If the damage size crosses the limits, repairing is not recommended and replacement is advised.


There are different costs for different vehicles. For example, Honda is a normal car, the replacement expenses will be up to $400 maximum. However, in case of luxury cars i.e. Mercedes Benz the cast can be up to $1400. For cost estimation, there are many features to consider i.e. vehicle model, vehicle mark, vehicle year, location of damage, screen sensors, glass quality, rain sensors, shade band, blind-spot monitoring, heads up display, heated wipers parking area and any more.


There are three easy steps to over the damage loss:


  1. Detail description of the car

Fewer car details i.e. model, type, damage location etc.


  1. Finalize the deal 

Get the best repairing or replacement services at the budgeted price


  1. Schedule for auto vehicle glass repairing or replacement

After the quote, set the time for meeting and sometimes repairing or replacement is done there and then.


To get a quote, you just need to reach us through our website. Fill the form and that’s all.

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle year
  • Vehicle make
  • Vehicle model 
  • Vehicle type
  • Damage location 
  • Glass option


These are the few things. After we receive your details, our tech department will overview your query and we will reply to you with the suitable services at an affordable price.