How to create email marketing campaigns for real estate

Today we have the pleasure of having an infographic of ICHS Town Islamabad , the software to carry out email marketing campaigns that offers some tips on how and why to do email marketing for real estate.

Why do email marketing for real estate?

Undoubtedly, email marketing for real estate should be the beautiful child of any agency. Why? To start because the figures support its effectiveness against many other channels. These are some of the advantages:

  • Email real estate marketing has a return on investment of 4,300%.
  • 74% of consumers prefer to receive commercial information via email.
  • 20% of Google searches related to real estate are done from a smartphone.
  • 51% of professionals who do marketing campaigns consider real estate email marketing as the best channel to interact with customers.
  • Email is the favorite functionality for 78% of users between 18 and 44 years old.
  • The conversion rate of email marketing real estate Pakistan is three times higher than that of social networks, that is, you will get 3 times more customers with these types of actions.
  • Those companies that regularly use newsletters get 50% more buying trend.

How to create an email marketing for real estate?

·         Geolocated Offers

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing for real estate is that you can make segmented shipments by zones. Thus, you will respond to one of the imperatives of the sector since the world is world: location, location, location and you will not waste your customers’ time.

·         Segment the database

Another advantage of using a tool to create newsletters such as Mailify is that you can create different versions for different segments of the same database. In this way, you can customize the shipments according to the budgets of your customers so that they receive information about the properties that really interest them.

·         Recover customers with reminders

Gone are the times to send mass emails that covered too many people. Another way to resume contact with your customers is to send a reminder to those near the end of their lease.

·         Always customize

Thanks to the personalization of contacts, you can make the recipients of your emails feel special. Try to get the first name and last name to address them more personally.

·         Make the client react

The digital era has also brought us a great degree of dispersion, we usually lose interest very quickly, so you can insert in your emails a button with a call to action to take the client to your real estate website and that you Fill out a contact form.

·         Trust that builds relationships

The relationship of trust that is forged between sender and receiver will help your real estate business to become a reference in the mind of the consumer so that when he needs an agent or a real estate agent, he thinks of you.

If you also want to be aware of what each one of the actions that the recipients of your mail mean, means you can consult this infographic about email marketing statistics for real estate.

In summary, it is a simple real estate marketing action that you can carry out with a minimum investment and that will bring you great benefits. We hope you enjoy this well executed infographic and that you are encouraged to try email real estate marketing.

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