When you decided to join the real estate sector, did you imagine that some law would come to regulate your activity? That the training and certifications offered by different associations would become indispensable in your work? Surely, over time you have asked yourself the following questions:

  • Have you thought about your professionalization as a real estate consultant?
  • Do you constantly train yourself to stay up to date with reforms and new business niches?
  • Do you have any officially valid certification or academic degree that supports your foray into this sector?
  • Who trains you and certifies you?

The professionalization of real estate activity plays a very important role that went from being an optional matter to everyone’s obligation. The various enactments of real estate laws in different states of the country have caused the road to become narrow and the integration of a state and federal registry of real estate advisers whose objective is to regulate the real estate operations carried out by the advisers.

These laws represent a great opportunity for real estate agents who have in mind to train and certify themselves through official bodies that grant them proofs or certificates that can support their knowledge and preparation.

A few years ago, anyone in need of a temporary job could dedicate themselves to real estate brokerage regardless of whether or not they had the necessary knowledge; instead, with this regulation, professionals in the sector must obtain a certificate that accredits them as professionals in the field , as well as the issuance of regulations that regulate the training and certification they must receive. This will be reflected in the agents who will have a great preparation to carry out the profession, so they will generate greater security and certainty in the clients who contract their real estate services.

Within the union there is great expectation of what the state and federal registry represents for real estate agents. On the one hand, those who are professionally dedicated to real estate will be strengthened, and on the other hand, a filter will be generated for those who they carry out this profession intuitively.

The path to professionalization is a challenge for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the real estate sector, because according to experts, within the next three years all the requirements established by legislation will be asserted, therefore, it must have a very good preparation and seek the tools to provide comprehensive advice.

Among the basic knowledge that an agent must have is the one referring to the legal framework of real estate operations, basic knowledge of valuation, taxes involved in real estate transactions, to name just a few.

The path for a real estate professional is not easy and requires a wide variety of knowledge, but of course the rewards will be greater than the sacrifices, gaining certainty in all aspects of one of the largest and most important businesses in our country.

I invite all those real estate colleagues to train and become certified in the field in which they are carried out, to achieve this the SEP, CONOCER and AMPI together with the CCIE (Training, Research and Statistics Center) offer us the following certifications.

  • EC0110.01 Real Estate Marketing Consultancy.
  • EC0112 Condominium Property Management.
  • EC0277 Real Estate Marketing Consultancy in Tourist Zones.
  • EC0471 Property Management of Mini Warehouses for Self-Storage.
  • EC0903 Specialized Promotion for buyproperty Credit Products.
  • EC0944 Specialized Promotion for Cofinancing Credit Products.
  • And certification in banking matters is in process.

Each certification has official validity granted by the university town islamabad. Those who really want to be real estate advisers, I invite you to join the path of professionalization, because with this they will be able to provide a better service and advice to their clients.