Real Estate Training: “The Best Day to Sell”

If you can imagine it, you can get it. You just need a decision. 

The topic that I will develop in this article should be taught in any real estate training course . It is an issue that helps agents increase their sales by 100% and helps them understand what motivation and healthy eating mean.

What day do you think is the best to sell a property? Answer: the same day you close a sale.

Why? Because right after closing the sale in the Notary, or just after your client signs the reservation contract, or just after the client makes the reservation deposit, … is when your self-esteem is in the clouds . You feel satisfied with yourself as a real estate and professional seller. You like yourself more. You feel like a winner.

That same day you conclude a sale is the best day to sell .

Many real estate agents miss this great opportunity such as Blue World City islamabad, an auspicious ongoing housing project in Islamabad due to lack of mental preparation and sometimes due to lack of ambition. They have already covered the monthly fee, have earned a good commission with this sale and the rest of the month is already covered.

Having ambition and taking advantage of the crest of the wave , when internal satisfaction is at its peak, is one of the reasons why the most successful real estate agents tend to sell 1-2 properties every month.

Take advantage of your enthusiasm, your happiness, your motivation to continue selling right after closing a sale. Make those 4 calls before the end of the workday and leave the beer for Saturday or when you get home. Now you are elated and your attitude is going to be noticed in the way you will talk to your customers. Your body language and your voice convey confidence and confidence. Feelings are contagious, highly transferable among people. For this reason you will sell better and close another sale within a few days.

 “Real Estate Training Course”: Not to Lose the North.

Don’t let your guard down; don’t be complacent; Do not be conformist, because today, that you have closed a sale is when you have all the stars are in your favor to accelerate the purchase decision of many of your customers.

Remember: the customer does not buy when you want ; Buy when he wants, when prices of property for sale are lower. Today, after closing the sale something happens in you that will positively influence the image that the client has of you and your property. Today is the day to call that customer who does not end up deciding; to that client that is being a bit difficult. Today is the best day to sell. Do not miss it.

Today your attitude and confidence in yourself is what will make you sell more , faster. Tomorrow is another day and the subconscious effect has already vanished.

Closing a sale is not the end of your cycle, it is the beginning you needed to close more sales this month and the next and continue like this, month after month. You just need to take off , you just need the first sale and not settle, because the future is uncertain.

Acting like this is not just a matter of attitude and motivation, it is also a sales technique that you should use: lean on one sale, to get another. And another, and another. Obviously you will not sell a property every week, but you will verify that you will sell at least another month, for efforts you made last month when you sold a property the month before that. This is a cycle.

Well, here we come to the general skepticism that it is impossible to maintain a sales rate of 1-2 properties per month every month. Impossible? It is possible and demonstrable. What is unlikely is that you can take to sell several properties a month, if you do not prepare first to get it; if you do not draw up a prep plan. This should be taught in every course Real estate training.

The best day to sell will come if you prepare for a few weeks to catch up; If you sow this week to collect in the following and so on.

I give you an example; If you contact only 10 customers a day for 4 weeks, (assuming you make those 200 calls effectively), by the 5th week you will be starting to see the fruits of your work and that week will appear the best day to sell . If you do not miss this beautiful day, you will have to start over.

Real Estate Training: How to get to that Best day to Sell.

Take advantage now that you have just sold a property to lose your fear of that call and to take more risks.

Do not settle for a sale that has generated $ 3,000 in commissions. Now is when you can double that commission , when you feel more competent, more attractive. Today, that you have closed the sale, it is the best day to sell.

This is a lesson that I have always preached to my students. Don’t be complacent, because customers buy when they want them and not when you want them Many clients need that push that you are not willing to give them when you are under moral.

I remind my students that when starting to market a new real estate development, the hard part is getting the first 2 or 3 reservations or sales, then it’s a matter of staying there and not being complacent. First you have to prepare the strategy and procedures well, then implement them and never let your guard down waiting for those “best days to sell.”

If you have experience in the sale of new real estate developments, you will have noticed that sales are usually generated in groups of 3-4 fair sales in a few days in a row or even on the same day.

Yes, there is some lonely sale from time to time, but most come in a group . Do not be confused, this is not due to the effect of the new promotional campaign that you put into circulation a few days ago. It is due to the attitude you take towards customers.

The sale has a lot to do with your attitude. Motivation is not easy when a client tells you on Friday that he will call you on Monday to sign the contract and never appears. When customers are uncompromising, unpunctual or not telling you the truth.

If this happens to you immediately after the conclusion of a sale, it will affect you very little due to your mood. Therefore, take advantage of the moments when you do not have to strive to motivate yourself, because motivation appears. What happens when a customer thanks you from the bottom of your services even if you don’t buy? It makes you feel good and you know that your work is valued. This is a good time to sell.

During my work as a coach I have encountered real estate agents with enormous potential,  but they fail in one aspect: in ambition. They are complacent and do not strive to continue selling, because they tell themselves, at the conclusion of a sale, they deserve a prize, (we will celebrate it with a few beers), and a break. Tomorrow will be another day. The focus causes them to lose the momentum of the wave.

Try not to happen to you and when you get the best day to sell take advantage of it.