Would you like to establish an online presence for yourself or your small business?

Would you like to establish an online presence for yourself or your small business?


In 2019 it is absolutely essential that you do. Whether you are looking to solidify your brand, create your company more credible, or get more customers and vulnerability — having a web site is the secret.

The first step towards developing a game-changing website would be to register a domain name.

Just how Important is the Domain Name?

It’s your”first impression”. Your URL is the very first thing your visitors will see. A fantastic domain name can make a lasting and favorable impression as people running can be sent by a bad domain .

It impacts SEO. While precise match domains (EMDs) are no longer a necessity, keywords in your domain name can still help your SEO rank.

It defines your manufacturer. Your domain name is a opportunity. Brand recognition cans increase ssl certificate cost uk.

Hopefully, you have already taken the first step in selecting your domain name. Check out this informative article before you read any farther: How to Select a Domain Name if you haven’t yet

Can you have a domain name in min


d? Great!

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Practice the remainder of this post and you’ll have all you need to register that domain name and build your online presence successfully.

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How do you register a domain name? There are 4 options:

Register through Domain.com (most popular domain registrar)

Buy a FREE domain name (for 1 year) from Bluehost

Register via GoDaddy.com

Register through NameCheap.com Register a Domain Name with Domain.com

Step 2: When you see your domain name is available, it’s automatically added to your shopping cart.

Domain.com is the domain available

Measure 3: Beneath your preferred domain, they provide Domain Privacy, this prices $8.99 each year. You can simply un-check the box, if you’re not interested.

Domain privacy security

Domain.com cart cart

You can select the expression (i.e., the number of decades ) to register your own domain name.

We advocate doing it for at least two years, so you won’t have to think about renewing after the initial year.

The term length is your choice. Maybe you should select the term, if you committed to making your site work within the long run.

Either way — after you’ve selected your term, hit the”Proceed to Billing” button. Then enter your payment information and just like that, your domain name will be enrolled.

Domain.com Features and Prices Rundown

. Com expansion — $9.99/year (renews at $13.99/year)

.org extension — $14.99/year

.net expansion — $12.99/year (renews at $15.99annually )

Google G Suite — $6.00/mo

Web Hosting — $1.99/mo (renews at $3.75/mo)

SSL Certification — $3.33/mo

SiteLock safety — $2.08/mo Receive a Free Domain Using Bluehost

One neat trick that we urge people to use is to get a web hosting and domain name together. To make your site work, you’re going to want both of these.

This will also help you to save some time and money, a web host often providers supplies a totally free domainname.

Bluehost.com: Currently offers totally free domain name (for 1 year) up the signs with their web host.

So just go ahead and don’t be worried about migrating your domain name (name servers) along with your hosting company.


Step 1: Visit GoDaddy.com and form your chosen domain name.

GoDaddy look for a domain

Step 2: When you see your domain name is available, select the $2.99 alternative. Then, select”Continue to Cart” on the top right.

GoDaddy is the domain available

Step 3: On the next screen, you can select if you would like domain protection. If you’re not worried about people knowing who owns the domain name, then simply select”No Thanks”.

GoDaddy domain privacy protection

Choose the term and proceed to checkout.

GoDaddy shopping cart

Select for how long you want the domain to be registered, remember the most cost effective term is now for two years, this gives you an overall 41% discount.

Either way — after you have selected your term, hit the”Proceed to Checkout” button. You are going to need to make an account, followed closely by entering your payment details once you’ve chosen the right duration. And that is it, your domain is registered with you.

GoDaddy Features and Costs Rundown

. Com expansion — $2.99/year (renews at $17.99/year)

.org expansion — $11.99/year (renews at $20.99annually )

.net extension — $13.99/year (renews at $19.99/year)

Email — $1.99/year (renews at $4.99annually )

Website Builder & Hosting — Free first month (renews at $5.99/mo)

SSL Certification — Included with hosting

  1. Register a Domain with Namecheap.com

Step 1: Visit NameCheap.com and add your favorite domain name.

NameCheap search for a domain

Step 2: In case your domain name is available, click the add to cart button and then”View Cart” button to proceed.

NameCheap is your domain name available

Measure 3 WhoIs privacy protection is included for free, and the best news is the fact that it is free forever.

NameCheap domain coverage protection

Step 4: Select the length of the duration that best suits your needs and click”Confirm Order”

NameCheap shopping cart

After you are signed up and entered your payment details that your domain name will be formally enrolled to you.

NameCheap Features and Costs Rundown


.org expansion — $12.98/year

.net extension — $11.98/year

WHOIS Privacy — FREE

Mail — Free for 2-months (renews at $3.88/year)

SSL Certificate — $3.88/year